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Full Stack Developer

We are looking for a Software Engineer to join our healthcare technology startup. You will play a lead role in building dynamic web applications and services, help implement complex data and API integrations, and drive the conception ­to­ design­ to ­implementation product development process....

Physician Advisor

Clinical subject-matter expert will be responsible for critically evaluating and synthesizing medical device research to assist our clients in reducing supply costs while increasing quality of care. We are seeking physicians within the orthopedic, neuro/spine, and cardiology specialties.

VP Business Development

The Vice President of Business Development will play a leadership role in developing and executing our business strategy and achieving our long-term growth objectives through our corporate alliances, partnerships and other collaborations. Must have prior experience navigating complex health systems and hospitals to contact healthcare executives (primarily CQO, CMO, CEO, CFO) and arrange for discussions/sales demonstrations.

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